Technology Services

Advice & Guidance

Techx provides its clients with advice and guidance that addresses the specific needs and situation that client faces. Our advice ensures investment in technology delivers the business value and outcomes that clients and organisations need. Clients can expect to enhance outcomes, minimise risk, ensure all stakeholders are communicated with effectively and understand the challenges and opportunities.

Our advice and guidance will be based on our deep knowledge and experience of business, technology processes and the New Zealand market.


TechX is proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated.

Communications & Training

Technology can often be confusing to stakeholders and technology professionals are sometimes stereotyped as “techies” who are hard to understand and communicate poorly.

Techx prides itself on being able to assist and support clients to proactively engage with stakeholders to ensure that business, technology concepts and initiatives are well understood.

TechX is formulating a training framework on  “Effective Communication for Technology Professionals” to enhance the communication skills of the industry.  This framework is aimed at senior and CX or Board level professionals who wish to enhance their technical communication skills.

When things go wrong in your business!

Sometimes things go wrong in when businesses utilise technology.  Transformations, programmes and projects can often exceed budgets and timelines. Technology can become obsolete and unreliable.  This can create uncertainty and risk to an organisation.  TechX believes that delivering business value from technology  within an organisation requires strict processes to prevent significant issues.  This includes ensuring any initiative is established with the right strategy, governance, people and processes.  However TechX recognises that often initiatives aren’t established well. In this case the extensive experience and seniority of the TechX team will assist in getting things back on track and performing to plan.


Effective governance is essential to successfully delivering outcomes within an organisation.  TechX has vast experience in establishing governance structures and recommends that all organisations have an “independent” trusted advisor to provide greater insight and ensure optimum outcomes.   In this way a balanced and impartial view is available to maximise outcomes and minimise risk.

Market Experience

Often the greatest value an advisor can offer is to provide insight into other organisations with the same challenges and opportunities.  TechX has wide ranging experience in the New Zealand market with its advisors having assisted the following organisations as independent advisors prior to its formation.

ANZ Bank, Air NZ, Tower, ING, IRD, ACC, NZ Rugby Union, Fonterra, Westpac, Fulton Hogan, HEB, FMA, TVNZ, Health Alliance, Farmlands, PF Olsen, Spark, AsureQuality.